Know More About the Famous Businessman from Lebanon – Issam Hourani

Issam Hourani – a prominent businessman from Lebanon, born on June 13, 1967, in the reputed family in Beirut. He is a multimillionaire businessman who is the chairman of the famous Hourani Group in Lebanon. Let’s have a look at the glimpse of this successful entrepreneur and how he build a giant business empire:

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Early Life:

Among all three siblings Issam Hourani is the eldest of all brothers – Devincci, Hussam, and Hiam. During one of his visit for business deals with Rakhat Aliyev, Issam meets his younger sister Gulshat Aliyeva and in 1996, they got married and have one beautiful daughter named Ayaa.

How Issam become a Successful Businessman?

One of Issam’s younger brothers Hussam was pursuing Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering in Kazakhstan. So to meet his brother in the 1990s with Devincci, Issam clicked with the idea to invest in Kazakhstan he sees the great scope of business opportunities in the country. After the independence from Communist Movement, Kazakhstan was rising and developing and economy of the country was also increasing day by day. So being from the successful business background, Issam’s family was among the first investor in the Kazakhstan resurgence. And with the immensely boost in the economy of Kazakhstan, Issam Hourani build a huge successful empire and become one of the profitable businessman in Kazakhstan. He has done business in every sector be it oil, aviation, mass media, to poultry farming, and pharmaceutical, and more.

As Issam Hourani becomes the very famous and popular name, in 2004, he was linked with the murder case of the Russian TV star. Being living in the era of the digital world, this news spread everywhere and cause the tragic effect on his both personal and professional life. However, after the law battle of 10 days, Hourani’s counsel proved that he was targeted to defame his image and a US-based John Michael Waller designed the campaign to earn money. Issam sues image defamation case on the campaigners and wins the handsome amount after winning the case.

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Issam Khorani- An Inspiring Businessman

Contrary to popular belief, building a business empire is never been easier. Risks and physiological challenges are enough to discourage even the most confident entrepreneur. The real entrepreneurs are those who are constantly running in the race even after facing harsh challenges in their life. One such passionate businessman is Issam Khorani who face several ups and downs in his life and today he is the chairman of the giant Hourani group.

issam hourani

Issam Khorani- An Early Life

Issam Khorani, also known as Hourani, was born on June 13, 1967, in the well-esteemed and dominant family of Beirut. This multi-millionaire businessman is the eldest among his three siblings- Devincci, Hussam, and Hiam. Once Issam and Devincci visited Kazakhstan to meet his younger brother Hussam, who was earning his master’s degree there. Upon his visit, an idea of investing in that country stuck their minds. As the Kazakhstan economy was escalating fast enough which help Hourani to build a big business empire. They are among the chief investors to invest money during that period. He married Gulshat Aliyeva in 1996 and become the father of a beautiful daughter named Ayaa.

In 2014, this passionate businessman was alleged to be involved in the death of Anastasiya Novikova, a Russian TV star who was found dead under mysterious circumstances. However, Khorani sued over the campaigners in the UK High court claiming that they defame his reputation by falsely calling him as a Murder. In 10 days court proceedings, Heather Rogers QC was able to prove that Issam Khoraniwas not involved in any crime and the entire campaign was organized by the Psybersolutions, the company owned and managed by US-based John Michael Waller.

This Super-rich businessman wins £50,000 for libel damages and £30,000 for harassment. Also, the battle is not over yet- the Judge ruled to disclose the Waller’s client(s) name.

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Issam Hourani’s Story of Struggle and Victory Over Conspiracy

For most of us, accomplishing life goals is what victory is. But certainly, the true victory is defeating your fears and winning against a conspiracy of defamation. It takes a lot of courage, patience, and struggle to make it possible. A worldwide entrepreneur and businessman, Issam Hourani‘s story will definitely give you the motivation to have faith in the truth and take a stand against conspiracy and defamation.

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Early life

Issam Hourani was born on June 13, 1967, and belongs to a well-known family in Beirut. He is the eldest among his siblings: Hussam, Hiam, and Devincci. In the early 1990s, Issam’s brother Hussam moved to Kazakhstan to earn his Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering. They have got the idea of investing in the country which proved to be a very profitable step because Kazakhstan was on the rise after its independence from the Communist Movement. They successfully built a business empire from mass media, aviation, pharmaceutical, oil, and poultry farming. Later Issam Hourani met Gulshat Aliyeva during a business deal with her father and got married to her in 1996.

How Issam Hourani became the victim of a conspiracy

He became the target of a fabricated campaign and falsely accused of the murder of news presenter Anastasiya Novikova. During his 10 days of struggle in court, Issam Hourani‘s counsel Heather Rogers QC proved that he had no relation within the death of Anastasiya Novikova and also broke fake allegations of forged documents, affiliation to political and radical groups, torture, money laundering, rape, and kidnapping. The judge ruled that the allegations were “untenable” and that the campaign was managed and organized by dancers and actors by US-based John Michael Waller to defame Mr. Hourani. All the allegations against Mr.Hourani; destroyed. The court also made a judgment to reveal the responsible people who gave money to John Michael Waller to defame Issam Hourani.

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A Success Story of Enthusiastic Businessman- Issam Hourani

The life of industrious businessmen is never been easier. For them, a day begins at the crack of dawn and ends when daily goals are achieved. In your life, you read the success stories of many hustling entrepreneurs to get inspiration from their hard work. Issam Hourani, one such wealthy and determined entrepreneur from Lebanon face several ups and downs in his life and in spite of that, he is one of the famous names in the business landmark of Kazakhstan.

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Born on June 13, 1967, Issam Hourani is the eldest son of a well-esteemed family of Beirut. Once, he visited Kazakhstan to meet his younger brother and identified vast investment opportunities there. During that era, Kazakhstan’s economy was escalating as the country gets Independence from the Communist Movement. The Hourani family was among the key investors to invest in multiple sectors during Kazakhstan resurgence. They build an enormous business empire from scratch by investing in pharmaceutical, aviation, mass media, oil, and poultry farming. In 1996, Issam married Gulshat Aliyeva after they met during a business deal and has one pretty daughter named Ayaa.

Issam Hourani in the UK high court

In 2014, one “sustained, highly sophisticated, cynical and calculated” campaign claimed that Issam Hourani was one of the three individuals responsible for torture, drugging, beating, and sexual assault of that young women, Anastasiya Novikova and her death in June 2004. However, during the court proceedings, the judge ruled all the allegations against Mr. Hourani was untenable. As Mr. Hourani’s counsel, Heather Rogers QC was able to prove that his client has no relation in the death of TV presenter. Also, he was not involved in any of the above-mentioned terrible crimes.

The judge revealed that the entire campaign was designed and organized by US-based John Micheal Waller against money upon the instructions of one or more clients. He runs a company named Psybersolutions which was used to achieve the purpose of the campaign. This Lebanese businessman wins £80,000 for damages caused to his reputation by this campaign.

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